Try something new. Release the stress
in a different
Come and smash away with us!


Solo Smasher

str. Orce Nikolov nr.69

By choosing this package you get 15 minutes of time to smash away a certain amount of breakables…


str. Orce Nikolov nr.69

Stress release can be more efficient if there are couple of you and the fun is more than guaranteed….

How it works

How to release the stress?

Simple: Book an appointment, choose a package and smash away.

20 minutes

The negative energy should also be channeled and released from our “system”. 15-20 minutes are ideal for this activity. Focus, channel it and release it.

Feel it

This is a unique way to release the stress. This new experience can be something really special.

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Hammer Lovers
  • Adults

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    Ready for the challenge?

    Punch it. Brake it. Smash it. Your anti-stress choice.